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Eco-Friendly Products

With increasing use of technology to communicate our most important news, it is difficult to ignore the fast growing "Green" movement. believes that tradition of beautiful stationery will remain even in the digital age. We believe that it is necessary to reduce carbon footprint and at the same time it is a customary to send a paper invitation. Email will never be as special as receiving a hand-written Wedding Invitations, Birth Announcements or Thank You Notes.

The minimum Post Consumer Waste (PCW) content of the recycled paper accepted at Central Stationery Inc is 30%. We know that more and more customers demand recycled paper and envelopes. The choices and availability will become greater in the coming years and eventually plans to carry majority of our products 100% PCW. You, as the consumer, play a huge role in that change. It takes 40% less energy to make recycled paper than virgin paper and that is a HUGE difference.

Recycled paper is the end product of paper recycling. Recycled paper is produced in most varieties with quality generally equal to virgin paper. The production of recycled paper has significant environmental advantages over virgin (non-recycled) paper production:

  • Reduces the demand on forests
  • Uses less total energy
  • Uses less bleach
  • Produces fewer toxic releases
  • Saves water
  • Reduces waste that would be added to landfills or incinerated into the atmosphere
  • Has a fiber efficiency rate of more than 70%, compared to 25-45% for virgin papers

Central Stationery Inc works with established printers across US with a history of eco-friendly practices. The methods used to print your materials use less water than traditional methods, ink is bought on-demand and reused whenever possible. All paper scraps and letterpress plates are either reused or recycled as well.

Buy Eco-Friendly products to support "Green" - the World's favorite color! It's never been easier!

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